Mediate Your Life with John Kinyon

Everyone can learn how to resolve the conflicts in their lives, says psychologist and mediator, John Kinyon. His method combines conflict resolution, Nonviolent Communication and the science of habit change.


Uncertainty as Fuel for Brilliance

A set of simple shifts in workflow and daily mindset practices can unlock higher levels of creativity.


Find Your Inner Power

During this seven-part series, you’ll learn to get in touch with your sacred self.


Beyond 2012: The Reinvention of Humanity

According to Villoldo, the world as we have known it is coming to an end and a new world is being born.

The Optimist Detox Energy Program

This program provides an all-inclusive, year-long system designed to help you prevent illness and live a more positive life


The Nature Consultancy

Join both PSYCH-K founder Rob Williams and neuroscientist Jeffrey Fannin for a unique event about using nature as a guide to sustainable success, both personal and professional.