Hello and welcome to the dedicated website of the Optimist Detox Energy Program!

Thank you for your interest and congratulations on taking the first step toward living a happier, healthier life. Before we go any further, we would like to present you with a few questions:

  • Did you know that most people live their lives loaded with toxins, plagued by diseases, and bogged down—both physically and mentally—by the airborne pollutants found in our atmosphere?
  • Did you know that the majority of people live their lives at a less than optimal level?
  • Did you know that there is another path?
  • If you would like to live a happier, healthier life and put yourself on a path towards success, inner-peace and harmony, keep reading.

Based on over 30 years of research and experience in the holistic, nutritional, herbal and homeopathic fields, this program provides an all-inclusive, year-long system designed to help you prevent illness, live a more positive life, and discover how you can support your body and assist it in healing and cleansing itself.

The  Flower Combination Remedies that are used in this program will allow you to raise your body’s vibrations, remove toxins, and find happiness and inner-peace. You may already notice and experience results after being on this program for 4 weeks.

By combining homeopathic remedies with an array of proven self-improvement techniques, this comprehensive system will assist you in making a drastic change for the better in your life today.

For more information about the O.D.E. Program or Dr. Roy Martina, please see the About Section.

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