Beyond 2012: The Reinvention of Humanity


December 21, 2012 is the end date of the more than 5,000 year-long Mayan calendar. The date has been presented as “the end of the world”. But that is not the message of the ancient Mayans, says Alberto Villoldo, a psychologist and anthropologist who has studied the shamanic healing practices of the Amazon and Inca shamans for over 25 years.  “It’s not the end date of civilization or humanity. It’s the end date of a cycle of time, which also means it’s the beginning of a new cycle of time.”

According to Villoldo, the world as we have known it is coming to an end and a new world is being born. Our new world will have new technologies, new ways of doing business, new ways of people relating to each other, new forms of medicine, and new ways of participating consciously in our evolution.

Humanity stands at the threshold of a new era with exciting and mind blowing new opportunities to dissolve old paradigms, painful challenges and terrible injustices.

Our world is shifting – as we witness environmental disasters and political transformation like the Arab Spring – and in this online course Alberto Villoldo is going to teach how you can best grow and move with the change that is moving through our world.

December 21, 2012 represents a unique opportunity for renaissance, renewal and reinvention that people have waited for for centuries.

The interactive online course will have 4 sessions and in each session Villoldo will be joined by a special guest* who is, like him, an expert in the exploration of the meaning of 2012.

Course outline

The interactive online course will have 4 sessions and in each session our host Alberto Villoldo will be joined by a special guest who, like him, has done extensive exploration into the meaning of 2012.

Session 1 · December 1 · ALBERTO with BRUCE LIPTON and GREGG BRADEN.
Pioneering cellular biologist Bruce Lipton brings the scientific perspective while researcher of global spiritual wisdom and ancient texts, Gregg Braden brings the evolutionary perspective.

Session 2 · December 8 · ALBERTO with DON MIGUEL RUIZ.
Toltec master and healer Don Miguel Ruiz brings the shamanic perspective.

Session 3 · December 15 · ALBERTO with ELISABET SAHTOURIS.
Evolution biologist, futurist and acclaimed author Elisabet Sahtouris will discuss the relevance of biological systems to organizational design in one's community and business as well as government and globalization.

The last of the unbroken lineage of the Incas, the Q'ero Shamans, will be reading the Coca leaves on the prophecies beyond 2012. Additionally, Maria Yraceburu, Brooke Medicine Eagle and Marcela Lobos will share their vision as Medicine Women and Native American Earth Keepers, discussing our new role as stewards of this earth, along with the return of the Divine Mother.

BONUS Session 5 - January 19 - In this encore session Alberto Villoldo will reflect on the first weeks after December 21st and he will be available for an extensive Q&A with participants.

What you will learn

This course will give you a broad understanding of the transition our civilization is moving through. This understanding will help you to make better decisions about your personal life. You will learn how to navigate the transformation and benefit from the arising opportunities. As a new world is emerging, so is a new you.

About Alberto Villoldo 

Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., is a Cuban-born psychologist, anthropologist and author who has studied the shamanic healing practices of the Amazon and Inca shamans for over 25 years. He is the founder of The Four Winds Society, which offers a two-year long program in energy medicine and leads trips to Peru.


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In Villoldo’s Own Words

What's happening on December 21, 2012 is an extraordinary alignment between the earth, the sun and the very center of our galaxy. The Mayans, in particular, speak about a place of darkness that nothing escapes from, a place of fear, and they called it Xibalba. That was at the very heart of the Milky Way galaxy. About 15 years ago, astronomers discovered that at the very heart of our galaxy is a gigantic black hole, which is, of course, a place where nothing escapes, not even light.

The extraordinary thing to me is how these ancient societies knew about the existence of a black hole at the very center of our galaxy. What happens on December 21, 2012 is a perfect alignment between the earth, the sun and the very center of the galaxy. That marks the beginning of a new age and a new era. This is very different from the apocalyptic and doomsday prophecies of Christianity. The indigenous prophecies are very optimistic, very hopeful.

Praise for Alberto Villoldo

“I travel the path of enlightenment because of Alberto VilloldoHe has transitioned from stranger to teacher, mentor, colleague and friend. Through the course and clinical work of the Healing the Light Body School and his personal instruction, I now walk the path of the Wounded Healer. I am eternally grateful and honored to have received this ancient knowledge. Alberto’s personal integrity, impeccability and skeptical scientist’s mind are the reasons I travel this road."
– Gene Coderre

“Alberto’s teachings have provided profound changes in my patients. His remarkable body of work is a lasting contribution to the health of the human race. Energy medicine is the foundation of my medical practice and his teachings have provided profound changes in my patients and myself. Your Biography is your Biology!"
– Laurel Sander, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

“Alberto Villoldo helps you remember what you inherently know. With every exercise and journey we did in Alberto Villoldo’s class, I remembered more of my own Healer Self. Alberto’s gentle words wove into stories that consistently tugged forth my long dormant abilities. I was not learning from Alberto; he was helping me remember and reminding me to pull from the collective knowledge of the world."
– Jan Wakefield

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